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Voters' Guide to the 2020 Presidential Election


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The economy is one of the most important issues to American voters, regardless of party affiliation.  This makes sense, given how much economic distress tens of millions of American families are suffering.  They are working harder and harder for less and less, and are living paycheck to paycheck, barely able to make ends meet.

While there are many causes for these economic pressures, the financial industry in general and Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail financial firms in particular are significant contributors, because:

  1. First, their recklessness and illegal activities crashed the economy in 2008, causing widespread unemployment, business failures, foreclosures, and so much more. In all, Better Markets estimates the cost of the financial crisis will exceed $20 trillion; and 
  2. Second, Wall Street is supposed to support the real economy, jobs and growth, but finance has become a wealth extraction mechanism enriching the already-rich rather than a wealth creation system that benefits all Americans. 

While it would be ideal if each candidate had a detailed, concrete and comprehensive plan that addressed all these key issues, which would enable voters to evaluate and hold them accountable, that’s just not the case.  Better Markets’ Voter Education Scorecard has scored the presidential candidates polling at 3% and above. Each candidate has been given a score based on their positions on key economic, financial and financial reform issues that have been identified by Better Markets as among the most important facing America today.

Those issues have been grouped into the following four broad categories, with subcategories on their hyperlinked pages detailing the importance of the issue and how we evaluated the candidate:

1. Make Wall Street Support the Real Economy, Jobs and Prosperity for All

2. Protecting Retirees, Savers, Consumers and Investors

3. End Too Big To Fail & Bailouts, Prevent the Next Crash & Protect Taxpayers

4. Protecting Democracy from Wall Street

Each candidate gets an overall color-coded score according to the key that follows:


 = Is a leader on this issue    Supports this issue     Has a mixed record on this issue

  Has a poor record on this issue     Checkmark_ID.gif  There is Insufficient Data (ID) on this issue                  

2020 Voter Education Economics Scorecard




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