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OP-EDS Better Markets op-ed in American Banker Detailing Why the Proposed Changes are Harmful to Main Street and the Economy: "Trump reopening Wall Street casino by weakening Volcker Rule"   KEY... Read More
MAY 2018 – Initial Reaction to Proposed Changes to Volcker Rule JULY 2018 – Better Markets Leading the Fight for an Extension of the Public Comment Period AUG 2017 – ... Read More
RESOURCES Quick Reference Guide Concerning New Volcker Rule Changes (8/20/2019): Here Are the Key Wins for Wall Street in the Weakened Volcker Rule Dissenting Views on the 2019 Revisions to the Volcker Rule... Read More
Introduction Although still a work in progress, this is a comprehensive and frequently updated webpage for all things Volcker Rule, including proposed rules, comment letters, analysis, media, presentations and much more.... Read More