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Americans stepped up saving in June and cut spending, in a broad retrenchment that is both a cause of the slowing economic recovery and a reaction to it. Read the full story at the Wall Street Journal
At last Washington has reached a deal that raises the debt limit and averts a default that would have been a national embarrassment and an economic and geopolitical catastrophe. The forces shaping the deal are multifaceted... Read More
The Republican chairman of the House Financial Services Committee proposed restructuring the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday, saying he wanted to make the agency more efficient and correct its “... Read More
With the U.S. economy flatlining and at risk of falling into a new recession, the Federal Reserve lacks good tools to do much of anything about it — though that won’t necessarily stop the central bank from trying... Read More
It comes as no surprise to find that Alan Greenspan is wrong. But with respect to his latest column, an attempted defense of laissez-faire regulatory policies and lower bank capital standards, it’s worth... Read More
After playing a key role in creating the greatest economic disaster in three generations, you might have expected Alan Greenspan to lie low. But no, he’s out there issuing opinions, which for some reason still get... Read More
Alan Greenspan's article "Regulators must risk more to push growth" (July 27) involves false characterisations and inappropriate analogies. Therefore, it is misleading about capital requirements and their costs... Read More
"The pillars of the European economy are still under pressure. The public finances of many countries have been ruined by the crisis, while the public financial system is still unrepaired." Read the full story at... Read More
Michael Masters of Better Markets explains why the CFTC needs to take action against commodity speculators. Watch video here
Better Markets, a watchdog group promoting the public interest in the capital and commodity markets, has urged federal regulators to curb commodities speculation so American families and businesses will stop being gouged at... Read More
"The Senate Agriculture Committee on Tuesday approved President Obama’s pick for the newest member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, an increasingly powerful agency at the center of the financial... Read More
"'A senior Bank of England official has warned that leaving collateral demands free to fall in good economic times could leave the financial system at "a significant risk of systemic collapse'.... Read More
"The U.S. manufacturing sector barely expanded in July, a sign that a onetime driver of the economy is waning along with the recovery. The news echoes other reports which show that after a long cycle of rebuilding... Read More