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"A battle is heating up over whether investors in oil and other commodities markets should be required to lift the veil of secrecy that shrouds their trading bets.  The debate has simmered in the three years since... Read More
"Edward J. DeMarco has spent a career in the shadows of government, bouncing from one obscure post to another. Now, as the accidental head of the most powerful finance agency in housing, he controls the future of an... Read More
"Federal Reserve officials are as deeply divided as they've been in decades about how to spur the flagging economy, records released Tuesday show, as they stake out positions on what, if any, action to take at their... Read More
"Judge Nancy Gertner of Federal District Court in Boston on Friday denied a request by Mr. Quattrone and his co-defendants to dismiss a decade-old lawsuit that charges his former bank, Credit Suisse First Boston, with... Read More
"The legal onslaught continues for Bank of America.  On Tuesday, several homeowners filed suit in Federal District Court in Manhattan, seeking to block a proposed $8.5 billion settlement between Bank of... Read More
"The attorney general of Nevada is accusing Bank of America of repeatedly violating a broad loan modification agreement it struck with state officials in October 2008 and is seeking to rip up the... Read More
"At their meeting this month, Federal Reserve policy makers were in strong disagreement, with some advocating aggressive options to stimulate the economy and others pressing to do nothing, according to... Read More
"In a decade of frenzied tax-cutting for the rich, the Republican Party just happened to lower tax rates for the poor, as well. Now several of the party’s most prominent presidential candidates and lawmakers want... Read More
"Less than two months after being chosen to lead the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde shook up last weekend’s conference of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyo., with an urgent, much... Read More
"A Washington hearing room was rapt last week as a man lectured on commodities markets. Money pouring in from investors had precipitated the “financialisation” of the sector. 'Flows in these markets are... Read More
"Auditors and regulators have come under fire for allowing European financial institutions to take wildly divergent approaches to Greek government bond writedowns.  The criticism comes amid claims that some banks... Read More
"Europe’s top banking regulator is drawing up options to help banks in Europe struggling to tap credit markets for medium- and long-term funding.  Among the policy proposals being considered by... Read More
"Bank of America’s legal woes worsened as the biggest US bank by assets was sued for alleged breach of contract by US Bancorp over a $1.75bn pool of mortgages and investors moved to block a separate $8.... Read More
"The US unemployment rate unexpectedly jumped to a five-year high of 6.1 per cent, said figures released yesterday, suggesting a bleaker picture of the world's largest economy." Read the full story at The... Read More
"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke will probably try to spur economic growth this month by cutting near-record-low borrowing costs, economists said. His new stimulus may not aid the 14 million Americans... Read More
"...while J.P. Morgan's paper loss could prove fleeting, it is also a reminder of the Fed's questionable decision in the spring to allow some banks to resume capital returns even as the central bank was printing... Read More
"The Federal Reserve announced an enforcement action against Goldman Sachs Group Inc., saying the company's mortgage-servicing unit had engaged in "a pattern of misconduct and negligence" in its... Read More
"U.S. regulators have pushed Bank of America Corp. to show what measures it could take if conditions worsen for the Charlotte, N.C., lender, according to people familiar with the situation." Read the... Read More
"The Obama administration now says U.S. unemployment could persist at its current stubbornly high level around 9% well into 2012." Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal
With the number of long term unemployed at historic highs, many are discouraged, losing their skills and being overtaken by younger workers as articles in the Wall Street Journal today point out.  Read the full story... Read More