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"The crisis must be bad: The European Central Bank has resumed its mothballed bond-buying program. After lying dormant for months, the ECB's Securities Markets Program sputtered into life Thursday to buy Irish and... Read More
"No country seems to want a rising currency—and that poses a problem for a world economy struggling with weakening prospects for growth in the world's biggest developed nations." Read the full story at... Read More
The European Central Bank resumed a crisis-management role on Thursday, stepping in after a four-month pause to buy government bonds in response to a debt crisis that started nearly two years ago in Greece and now threatens... Read More
Before getting too excited about the modest uptick in net job creation and a slight downward move in the unemployment rate, it’s probably worth a look under the hood. Read the full story at CNBC
Bank of New York Mellon Corp. on Thursday took the extraordinary step of telling large clients it will charge them to hold cash. Read the full article at The Wall Street Journal
"The attention-grabbing event in the economy over the past week was Thursday's 512.76-point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average." Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal
The New York attorney general is moving to block a proposed $8.5 billion settlement struck in June by Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of America over troubled loan pools issued by Countrywide. A lawsuit filed late Thursday... Read More
Wall Street has its hands full with the Volcker Rule, according to a  new report by the consulting firm Deloitte. Read the full story at the New York Times
"Citigroup has staked out its ambitions to capture business flowing from sweeping reform of the over-the-counter markets by poaching 14 bankers - mostly from JPMorgan - as the bank relaunches its exchange-traded... Read More
Dennis Kelleher, president and CEO of Better Markets, is featured on an segment on the process of Dodd-Frank rulemaking. Listen to the segment here
Michael Masters, Better Markets chairman, speaks on efforts to curb excessive speculation in commodity markets with Bloomberg TV.
A Senate panel approved President Obama's nominee to join the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Mark Wetjen, setting him up for a full Senate vote. Agriculture Committee Chairman Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.) and... Read More
"Capital One Financial Corp.’s purchase of ING Direct USA should be stopped as it would create another bank whose collapse may imperil the financial system, according to the National Community Reinvestment... Read More
Congressional Republicans plan to block President Barack Obama from appointing a director for the new U.S. consumer agency over the August congressional recess. A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell... Read More
Do the former directors of the institutions that collapsed during the financial crisis have anything to worry about? If the experience of Enron is any example, the answer is a resounding no.   Read the full article at... Read More
Bank of America Corp. is having preliminary conversations about a home-foreclosure settlement that would reduce the amounts owed by some of its troubled borrowers in exchange for a broad release from legal claims against the... Read More
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is poised to take the lead in inquiries by state officials into whether some banks properly charged state and local pension funds for thousands of currency transactions over the... Read More
In the past few days, short-term credit markets, where big financial institutions turn to fund their day-to-day operations, showed signs of stress. Amid relief that the U.S. government will escape default, the strains on... Read More
Americans stepped up saving in June and cut spending, in a broad retrenchment that is both a cause of the slowing economic recovery and a reaction to it. Read the full story at the Wall Street Journal
At last Washington has reached a deal that raises the debt limit and averts a default that would have been a national embarrassment and an economic and geopolitical catastrophe. The forces shaping the deal are multifaceted... Read More