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"On Thursday, attorneys general in Virginia and Florida filed civil suits against BNY Mellon alleging that the bank cheated pension funds in those states by choosing improper prices for currency trades the bank... Read More
"Financial markets’ growing concern about the state of European banks exposes a reality that the political theater in the U.S. had obscured: The euro area’s debt troubles are probably the single largest... Read More
A European market regulator announced Thursday night that short-selling of stocks in several countries would be temporarily banned in an effort to stop the tailspin in the markets. Read the full story at The New York... Read More
The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked credit rating agency Standard & Poor's to disclose who within its ranks knew of its decision to downgrade US debt before it was announced last week, as part of a... Read More
The real issue around Bank of America is not whether it survives, but whether it sacrifices Countrywide to save itself. More specifically, will Bank of America put Countrywide into bankruptcy? And will this stem... Read More
Financial companies and their critics will get another chance to comment on the criteria U.S. regulators will use to decide which large firms are so risky as to need stricter policing. In a letter to a top House Republican... Read More
"The American right today is obsessed with cutting government spending. In many ways, Mr. Cameron’s austerity program is the Tea Party’s dream come true. But Britain is now grappling with the consequences of... Read More
Bank of Ireland PLC, the only Irish lender to escape effective nationalization amid the nation's deep debt crisis, posted a sharply reduced first-half loss and said it had further evidence that its loan losses had peaked... Read More
"Holders of more than $3 billion in debt issued by Jefferson County, Ala., are about $100 million away from a deal to avert the biggest municipal bankruptcy-protection filing in U.S. history.  But there is a hitch... Read More
"The past week's market meltdown is confirming what many business leaders and consumers were already thinking—that the economy is close to tilting back into recession and therefore they need to cling to every... Read More
"Bismarck compared the world economy to a train that follows a consistent and steady path — and then suddenly rushes forward with irresistible force. This is an apt description of the onrush of globalization. And... Read More
Ben Bernanke's decision to open the door to easier monetary policy Tuesday marked another watershed moment in his 5½-year odyssey as chairman of the Federal Reserve. This time, it wasn't just the policy that... Read More
"It was impossible this week not to feel the same dread and helplessness that plagued the fall of 2008 as bank stocks slid into terrifying territory and spreads on credit-default swaps jumped. In part that's because... Read More
Federal Reserve officials are drawing up rules for the largest U.S. banks that won’t be more stringent than global capital standards agreed to in Basel, Switzerland, according to a person familiar with the... Read More
"In early 2010, top officials at the Federal Reserve began to wonder: how would United States banks hold up through the European debt crisis? Investors were fleeing Greece and Ireland, and starting to get nervous about... Read More
The Securities and Exchange sued Stifel, Nicolaus & Company on Wednesday, accusing the Midwestern brokerage firm of duping five Wisconsin school districts into buying $200 million in dubious investments. The firm... Read More
"The Goldman Sachs Group was sued on Tuesday by the National Credit Union Administration over claims that the bank violated federal and state laws in the sale of mortgage-backed securities to corporate credit... Read More
"When the Supreme Court ruled that the government may not ban campaign spending by corporations in the landmark Citizens United decision last year, it argued that disclosure of contributions would protect American... Read More
"The Federal Reserve made a rare promise on Tuesday to hold short-term interest rates near zero through at least the middle of 2013, in a sign that it has all but written off the chances of an expansion strong enough to... Read More
"Wells Fargo & Co. is the winning bidder for Bank of Ireland's $1.4 billion U.S. commercial-real-estate loan portfolio, according to people familiar with the matter, marking the latest sale of U.S.... Read More