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"Senate Republicans expressed support Tuesday for President Obama’s nominee to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but remained opposed to his confirmation without significant changes to the agency.... Read More
"A year after it was warned that it might be violating federal law, the Securities and Exchange Commission is still breaking the law by destroying records of closed enforcement cases, a lawyer in the agency’s... Read More
"Germany’s high court on Wednesday upheld the country’s participation in last year’s bailout of Greece and the eurozone rescue fund, but ruled that a budget committee had to vet any future decisions to... Read More
"Nearly one in three Americans who grew up middle-class has slipped down the income ladder as an adult, according to a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts." Read the full story at The Washington Post
"The Federal Reserve is moving toward new steps aimed at lowering interest rates on mortgages and other kinds of long-term loans, without making another massive infusion of money into the economy." Read the the... Read More
"The US mortgage crisis has entered a new stage. US banks are still flailing in the toxic sludge of bad assets that heralded the financial crisis. But now they are having to deal with a barrage of litigation that will... Read More
"On August 3, the London Stock Exchange announced it would purchase a transaction reporting system from the Financial Services Authority, again throwing transaction reporting into the spotlight. Long before this sale... Read More
"European regulators are pushing for the removal of barriers to competition in derivatives traded on exchanges and for greater transparency in bond trading as part of sweeping reforms to market structures in the region... Read More
"The truth is that France’s banks – like those of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece before them – have been caught up for the past five weeks in a vicious circle of market nervousness, with... Read More
"Global bank regulators are preparing to ease new rules that would require banks to hold more liquid assets to withstand a funding crunch in a crisis.  The move follows complaints from banks that the new Basel III... Read More
"Europe's bailouts of struggling euro-zone countries could face fresh obstacles on Wednesday, when Germany's constitutional court rules on the bailouts' legality." Read the full story at The Wall... Read More
"Mr. Cordray's background, which has gained him widespread bipartisan support outside of Washington, is unlikely to be the main focus of the Senate Banking Committee hearing. Instead, senators are likely to spend... Read More
"One idea that sounds easy enough: stimulate consumer spending and stem further carnage in the housing market by allowing more homeowners to refinance. The government, relying on mortgage-finance giants Fannie Mae and... Read More
"When the Securities and Exchange Commission was accused last year of improperly destroying records, in particular those related to certain initial inquiries into possible wrongdoing, the agency responded with a... Read More
"Public pessimism about the direction of the country has jumped to its highest level in nearly three years, erasing the sense of hope that followed President Obama’s inauguration and pushing his approval ratings... Read More
"Last April, economics majors at Prince­ton University crowded into a campus auditorium to watch “Inside Job,” a documentary about the financial meltdown, and then listen to a panel discussion between... Read More
"I’ve spent a chunk of summer vacation visiting old friends here, and I can’t help feeling that national politicians and national journalists alike have dropped the ball on jobs. Some 25 million Americans... Read More
"No doubt, some of this richer hawk-dove debate is occurring behind closed doors at the Fed and in Jackson Hole. But the public conversation still matters. It affects nothing less than the Fed’s credibility. Mr.... Read More
"He is one of millions for whom the recession has become permanent, no longer a crisis to endure so much as a reality to accept." Read the full story at The Washington Post
"Auditors and regulators have come under fire for allowing European financial institutions to take wildly divergent approaches to Greek government bond writedowns." Read the full story at The Financial Times