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"Federal Reserve officials are considering three unconventional steps to revive the economic recovery and seem increasingly inclined to take at least one as they prepare to meet this month." Read the full story at... Read More
"A highly anticipated ruling by Germany’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday both helped and hurt Chancellor Angela Merkel’s battle to shore up the euro. The powerful panel of judges declared that bailouts to... Read More
"The banking problems that wrecked Ireland’s public finances, prompting an international bailout, have been largely contained, and the economy is projected to expand this year for the first time since 2007. ... Read More
"As Europe struggles to contain its government debt crisis, the greatest fear is that one of the Continent’s major banks may fail, setting off a financial panic like the one sparked by Lehman’s bankruptcy in... Read More
"Young people have seen their work hours drop the most during this recession, while the elderly are actually working more than they did before." Read the full story at The New York Times
"Seesaw markets, growing concerns about the stability of Europe’s banks and a faltering economic recovery are dimming prospects that Britain will enact stricter banking regulation anytime soon." Read the... Read More
"$200bn is a big number. Yet it is also the number of trades failing to settle on average per day in the US market. The equivalent figure for Europe is unknown – highlighting what some say is a worrying hole in... Read More
"Australia’s regulator has proposed the nation’s banks adopt tough global capital rules by 2013 and has set out an aggressive compliance timetable.  This dispenses with the transitional arrangements on... Read More
"As the financial crisis continues to evolve, the Queen’s question at the London School of Economics – why have academic economists so little to contribute to predicting the course of events –... Read More
"What is to be done? To find an answer, listen to the markets. They are saying: borrow and spend, please. Yet those who profess faith in the magic of the markets are most determined to ignore the cry. The fiscal skies... Read More
"The Swiss business establishment made clear on Tuesday what was at risk if the Swiss franc had continued its gravity-defying rise, and what possibly had been averted by the central bank’s move to halt it."... Read More
"Foreign-exchange trading volumes are close to record levels as investors respond to a relentless rhythm of negative news by fleeing risky currencies and rushing into safer alternatives." Read the full story at... Read More
"Prosecutors in New York are pressing ahead with their inquiry into the way Goldman Sachs Group Inc. marketed certain mortgage-linked instruments before the financial crisis, issuing subpoenas to Morgan Stanley and... Read More
"Spain's central bank kicked off the sale of Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo a day after the bailed-out lender disclosed huge losses and triggered new fears about the health of the country's ailing... Read More
The Basel Committee for Banking Supervision Tuesday denied a report that it is preparing to loosen proposed new standards on liquidity for the world's largest banks. "The committee hasn't had any discussion... Read More
"U.S. securities regulators are looking into whether turbocharged exchange-traded funds amplified August's topsy-turvy swings in the stock market." Read the full article at the The Wall Street Journal
"Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro said Tuesday the agency won't appeal a federal court decision throwing out the agency's rule to let shareholders more easily oust corporate directors,... Read More
U.S. securities regulators are looking into whether turbocharged exchange-traded funds amplified August's topsy-turvy swings in the stock market. Securities and Exchange Commission officials have had discussions with... Read More
"More Americans are reaching their 60s with so much debt they can't afford to retire.  Most people used to pay off their debts before retiring. But as wages have barely kept up with rising prices over the past... Read More
"The Supreme Court’s January 2010 Citizens United decision to permit corporations to spend unlimited sums to influence federal elections was premised on a pair of yet-unfulfilled promises: Corporations would... Read More