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"A few years ago, I pointed out in a column that the cost of insuring the US government against a default in the credit derivatives market, had risen above that of McDonalds, the US fast food company, for the first time... Read More
"The industry conference known as Sefcon is devoted to the relatively obscure swap execution facility, or SEF, the electronic derivatives marketplace designated under the Dodd-Frank Act, the sweeping financial... Read More
"On this Labor Day, there is little good news about labor. We have entered a long period of crushing unemployment and downward pressure on wages that may well transform the nation’s economic and political... Read More
"The dust from Iceland’s spectacular financial disaster — the failure of its three biggest banks and then the collapse of its economy in the fall of 2008 — had barely begun to settle when the... Read More
"THIS Labor Day should be an uncomfortable day for our political leaders, and for comfortable readers of this newspaper, too. Working people are enduring hard times, maybe the hardest in decades. Meanwhile, our national... Read More
"THE 5 percent of Americans with the highest incomes now account for 37 percent of all consumer purchases, according to the latest research from Moody’s Analytics. That should come as no surprise. Our society has... Read More
"Friday brought two numbers that should have everyone in Washington saying, 'My God, what have we done?'  One of these numbers was zero — the number of jobs created in August. The other was two... Read More
"US money market funds say they cut their exposure to eurozone banks for a second consecutive month in August, reducing the availability of credit as the stress in the region’s banking system increasingly affects... Read More
"Alistair Darling has launched a stinging attack on Sir Mervyn King, claiming the Bank of England governor did not understand the unfolding financial crisis in 2007, took the wrong policy action and ended up undermining... Read More
"A recent and acrimonious dispute among state officials over a possible legal settlement to address nationwide mortgage abuses is underscoring basic questions about what the effort should accomplish.  In... Read More
"Tempers can flare in the debate over banking. 'Barking mad' was the description attached to one likely proposal by the head of the CBI. John Cridland is right in a way; something about this discussion is... Read More
"The government would be “barking mad” to press ahead with proposals to ringfence British banks’ retail arms from other banking operations given the darkening economic clouds over the economy, John... Read More
"Many ask whether high-income countries are at risk of a “double dip” recession. My answer is: no, because the first one did not end. The question is, rather, how much deeper and longer this recession or... Read More
"With just a fortnight to go before the Independent Commission on Banking issues its final report on how to make the UK’s financial system safer, the lobbying shows no sign of easing up." Read the full story... Read More
"The battle has therefore moved on from whether banks should ringfence their retail arms to the speed at which this should happen. The bankers have duly been impressing on politicians that to move fast might threaten... Read More
"Europe’s candidate to lead the International Monetary Fund was not, after all, Europe’s stooge. In no time, Christine Lagarde has embraced views that differ refreshingly from what eurozone leaders... Read More
"The threat of losing your home is stressful enough to make you ill, it stands to reason. Now two economists have measured just how unhealthy the foreclosure crisis has been in some of the hardest-hit areas of the U.S.... Read More
"The Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer who has accused the regulator of improperly destroying thousands of sensitive documents is a proven whistleblower: He received an award of around $2.7 million for exposing... Read More
"A battle is heating up over whether investors in oil and other commodities markets should be required to lift the veil of secrecy that shrouds their trading bets.  The debate has simmered in the three years since... Read More
"Edward J. DeMarco has spent a career in the shadows of government, bouncing from one obscure post to another. Now, as the accidental head of the most powerful finance agency in housing, he controls the future of an... Read More