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"If anyone was counting on finance officials of the powerful Group of 7 nations to help map a way out of Europe’s debt crisis and calm the markets, consider this: the G-7 met on Friday, the... Read More
"THREE years ago, financial stocks tumbled as worries about the health of the banking system grew. By Sept. 12, indexes of financial stocks were down 28 percent from the end of 2007 in both the United States and Europe... Read More
"Discord over the handling of Europe’s debt crisis spilled into full view on Friday when an influential member of the European Central Bank's executive board unexpectedly resigned. The... Read More
"Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission was encouraged to hit executives where it hurts — in the wallet — if they certified financial results that turned out... Read More
"Europe’s leaders believe they can stave off economic disaster without taking real action. They keep pretending that they will not have to ask taxpayers to help shore up fragile banks, that ever larger doses of... Read More
"Workers who lose their jobs in the economic downturn typically suffer a double whammy: they lose not only their incomes but their employer-based health insurance as well. Millions are forced to forgo the medical care... Read More
"Still, Graeber’s book is not just thought-provoking, but also exceedingly timely. His sweeping narrative history essentially argues that many of our existing ideas about money and credit are limited, if not wrong... Read More
"Germany's top representative on the European Central Bank resigned in an apparent protest Friday, dealing a severe blow to the steward of Europe's common currency amid the Continent's worsening debt crisis... Read More
"A not-for-profit group co-founded by a Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer used his name to raise thousands of dollars from law firms that represent clients before the agency." Read the full story at ... Read More
"President Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan got generally good reviews from economists on Friday, though several noted one glaring omission: The plan does not include a comprehensive way to address... Read More
"In the aftermath of Bernard L. Madoff’s epic investment fraud, the Securities and Exchange Commission was considering sending David M. Becker, the agency’s general counsel at the time, to testify on Capitol... Read More
"If history is a guide, the odds that the American economy is falling into a double-dip recession have risen sharply in recent weeks and may even have reached 50 percent." Read the full story at The New York... Read More
"Last year, compensation accounted for half of BofA’s non-interest expenses. That is too high. Reducing that by just 10 percentage points would have boosted the bank’s return on equity by about 2 percentage... Read More
"Three years after the depths of the worst financial crash in eight decades, it is clearer than ever that the crisis many thought ended two years ago is dragging on – and in some ways, particularly in the US and... Read More
"The US investigation into alleged manipulation of interbank lending rates is focusing on possible violations of a commodities law that has previously been used to send financial executives to prison." Read the... Read More
"Is 90 the new 150?  West Texas Intermediate oil has been struggling to reach $90 a barrel since the start of August. Looking back over the past year, the period from February to July, when WTI held above that... Read More
"Call it the Great Muddling Through.  For all the time spent on the stimulus-versus-austerity debate, the most likely outcome is neither. Lately, U.S. policy makers have shifted from taking a half-step toward... Read More
"The Securities and Exchange Commission is bracing for a battery of reports from its internal watchdog that could be fodder for legislators looking to clip the agency's wings." Read the full article at the... Read More
"U.K. business leaders on Thursday called on the Bank of England to restart a stimulus program known as quantitative easing to ward off the threat of a double-dip recession.  The call comes amid an intensifying... Read More
"The U.S. went on a borrowing binge in the 2000s and is now in the deleveraging phase. To borrow a metaphor from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, this is creating "formidable headwinds" that are blowing... Read More