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Romney's Dodd-Frank Comments Shock Bewildered Bankers

"Jeez, Wall Street and Dodd-Frank, get a room already!

It turns out that all of the Dodd-Frank bashing that Jamie Dimon and the other heads of big New York banks constantly do is just their version of how married couples might use a little light S&M to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

But don't worry, Mitt Romney is on to their perverted games. At last night's debate, he declared that a key component of the financial-reform law was "the biggest kiss that's been given to New York banks I've ever seen.""


"Dennis Kelleher, founder of Better Markets, the non-profit group lobbying for financial reform, just emailed a statement about Romney's claim, calling it "false and misleading" and adding: "Romney wants to repeal [Dodd-Frank], which would be the biggest, sloppiest kiss possible to Wall Street banks and a kick in the pants to the American taxpayers who are going to get stuck with the bill -- again -- for their recklessness if financial reform is repealed by Mr. Romney.""

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