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Politico Morning Money: Not buying Bayh for banking

NOT BUYING BAYH FOR BANKING — The reaction from the left was swift and severe to the idea that if Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh returns to the Senate he could leapfrog Sherrod Brown and chair the Banking Committee if Democrats take back the chamber. Hill veterans also dismissed the idea. From one Senior Dem close to Senate leadership: “It’ll never, ever happen. First, Sherrod loves the job and has many allies both on and off the Banking Committee. 

“Second, Elizabeth Warren's head would explode, which would be hugely messy. Third, Evan is not the most popular guy among Senate Dems for a variety of reasons … Fourth, a newly minted Dem Leader Schumer would be loathe to begin his tenure with a controversy over such an important committee and fifth, the Dem Caucus is not exactly dancing to the banks tune these days. Aside from all that it's a TERRIFIC idea.”


Dennis Kelleher: “Speculation regarding Evan Bayh returning to the Senate and jumping Sherrod Brown for leadership of an A Committee like Banking is lunacy. Former Senators don’t get to come and go and carry their seniority. 


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