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Michael Lewis Feels No Shame as Book Curdles Tempers

“Somewhere in New Jersey near the now famous one-and-a-half-inch black plastic tube running in a stressfully straight line to a data center outsideChicago, a broke Sergey Aleynikov wonders if he’s going back to jail for supposedly stealing a bit of mysterious high-frequency-trading computer code from Goldman Sachs.”

“His surreal plight got Michael Lewis asking questions that turned into “Flash Boys,” the book that’s making a lot of folks really mad.”

“High-frequency traders like to think their speed and smarts benefit everyone in the investment game. Lewis says the game is rigged.”

“I spoke to Lewis, 53, on April 2, at Bloomberg world headquarters in New York, the day after Bill O’Brien, the president of the BATS Global Markets, fumed at him and the white hat of his tale, Brad Katsuyama, in an entertaining confrontation on CNBC.”


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