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Fed S. 2155 Proposals Are Unjustified and Unwise

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
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Fed S. 2155 Proposals Are Unjustified and Unwise


Washington, D.C. – Better Markets President and CEO, Dennis Kelleher, issued the following statement regarding the Federal Reserve’s proposals on purported implementation of Senate Bill 2155, the bank deregulation bill signed into law earlier this year:


“Today’s actions by the Fed are as unjustified as they are unwise. Deregulating some of the largest banks in the country will make the financial system less safe, less stable and less protected from another crash. To do this so late in the business cycle after $2+ trillion of fiscal stimulus when these banks have record revenues, profits and bonuses is needlessly gambling with taxpayers’ money. If the Fed was guided by facts rather than ideology, it would be imposing countercyclical buffers, increasing capital, liquidity and other safeguards.”




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