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"The Securities and Exchange Commission did not have authority to dispose of investigation documents that the agency had been routinely purging since 1993, the National Archives and Records Administration said."... Read More
"Unemployment rates rose in July in more than half the states for the second straight month, evidence that job growth remains weak nationwide." Read the full story at The Washington Post
"... for a coterie of economists who have studied decades of downturns, the recovery from the most recent recession is likely to be one of the most difficult and protracted in U.S. history, simply because of the... Read More
"In an 80-page letter to federal regulators, a former Moody’s senior vice president says the firm systematically squelched its analysts’ private doubts to keep deals and profits flowing." Read the full... Read More
"Confidence in the sputtering US economy took another blow as a raft of grim data on manufacturing, inflation, lay-offs and housing added to escalating fears over global growth." Read the full story at The... Read More
"Fear that the US economy is like an aircraft – and has a “stall speed” at which it will suddenly lose traction and tumble – has been an important influence on both investors and the US Federal... Read More
"Bank of America — still struggling to iron out the portfolio of bad loans it acquired by buying the giant mortgage lender Countrywide Financial in 2008 — is an extreme case, but it is not alone. Just three... Read More
If the Commodity Futures Trading Commission receives the funding it's asking for, the once-niche National Futures Association will be given an unprecedented role in overseeing major banks' activities in the swaps and... Read More
"NYSE Euronext has stepped up has stepped up its battle with CME Group for the interest-rate futures market, luring three new clearing members to its five-month-old venture that aims to break the Chicago group'... Read More
It’s the kind of thing that the Securities and Exchange Commission might want to look into. First the company froze out investors with small holdings, cashing them out at a very low price. Within days, it began... Read More
"The Justice Department is investigating whether the nation’s largest credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, improperly rated dozens of mortgage securities in the years leading up to the financial... Read More
U.S. Representative Barney Frank has asked the Federal Reserve to extend its examination of Capital One Financial Corp.'s purchase of ING Direct USA. “This proposed purchase would create the fifth-... Read More
Federal and state regulators, signaling their growing worry that Europe's debt crisis could spill into the U.S. banking system, are intensifying their scrutiny of the U.S. arms of Europe's biggest banks, according to... Read More
"When the government announced in April that the economy had grown at a moderate annual pace of 1.8 percent in the first quarter, politicians and investors saw evidence that the nation was continuing its recovery from... Read More
"In order to receive money from the Treasury Department's Troubled Asset Relief Program at the height of the financial crisis, banks had to agree to pay a 5% dividend on the preferred stock they issued to Treasury... Read More
"The U.S. government's auditing regulator voted Tuesday to explore whether companies should have to change their outside auditors every several years, with the aim of improving audit quality and auditors'... Read More
"What is it about August? Though it's only Aug. 17, the U.S. economy has already been downgraded twice. One of those downgrades was ridiculous. The other was serious." Read the full story at Wall Street... Read More
U.S. regulators given new powers to dismantle “too-big-to-fail” financial firms are still working to draw up so-called living wills -- a central component of the toolkit needed to prevent future bailouts. While... Read More
Star banker Todd Edgar and his team of nearly a dozen fellow commodities traders are to leave Barclays as part of a stream of cuts designed to shed overheads and put the UK bank on target to hit profit targets….... Read More
"Wondering what the Obama administration is going to do about the jobs crisis? So, it seems, is everybody else. Even the Obama administration." Read the full story at The Washington Post


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