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A memo released by the Trump administration’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) directed all agencies to submit so-called guidance to the White House for review looks like an attempt to put up another major hurdle... Read More
Much like the subprime bubble that sparked the 2008 financial crisis, there is a growing number of people who see the same thing happening with high-risk, low quality leverage loans.  With increasingly poor underwriting... Read More
It's easy to get distracted by the outrage-of-the-day coming from the Trump White House.  But a must-read article posted by the New York Times ahead of its publication in this Sunday’s magazine really... Read More
New Ideas for Jobs, Economic Growth and Broad-based Prosperity for All Americans At Better Markets, we fight for a strong, stable financial system that supports three pillars of the American Middle Class:  jobs,... Read More
As if it wasn’t enough that new CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger was doing her best to help predatory payday lenders, a federal judge in Texas decided to leave in place a stay on the compliance date of the payday lending... Read More
The only reason banks are backed by governments and taxpayers – and why they were bailed out in 2008 – is because they are supposed to serve an essential public function:  providing financial support to the... Read More
Many years ago, after depositing a check in your bank, it would take several days for the funds to get from the place where the money was to your bank.  During that time, those funds would not be available to you at... Read More
Bravo to the SEC for Directly Attacking Some Dysfunctional/Predatory Market Structure Problems SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and Director of Division of Trading and Markets, Brett Redfearn, appeared together at an event at... Read More
The Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) was an innovation created by Dodd-Frank in response to several clear lessons learned in the 2008 crash.  It was primarily to ensure that (1) all financial regulators... Read More
Will altering the frequency of big bank stress tests from annual to every other year leave the big banks less prepared for a future financial crisis?  That is the question addressed in comment letters filed by... Read More
SEC Doesn’t Take Away Ripped Off Shareholders’ Rights …..Yet There’s some good news to report in the fight to preserve ripped off shareholders’ rights to seek justice in court, rather than... Read More
To protect Main Street Americans -- consumers, investors, homeowners, students, soldiers, retirees and the elderly -- from predatory financial behavior and financial instability that can lead to devastating financial crashes... Read More
Despite their protests that more and more deregulation is needed to ensure their strength, it was reported that for the first time since the years before the 2008 financial crisis, there was not a single bank... Read More
Fighting for the right for all Americans to have their day in court, Better Markets joined lots of other advocacy groups in a letter to SEC Chairman Jay Clayton, urging him to reject a pending attempt to take away... Read More
The Road to the White House Goes Through Main Street, Not Wall Street  As we wrote about recently, one of the most important ways to judge the 2020 candidates is not by their campaign trail rhetoric, but by their... Read More
Biggest Wall Street Banks Kill Fed Nomination, Demand Dangerous Deregulation The Trump administration nominated one of the most qualified people possibly ever to the Federal Reserve Board last September, Nellie... Read More
Phony IPO Drought Now A Flood Remember all those stories about how there were no IPOs in the US and the SEC had to deregulate even more, supposedly to attract IPOs?  This was, of course, just the latest baseless... Read More
Axios/MSM Bizarrely Omit Wall Street from Stories on Capitalism and Economics Mike Allen in Axios had a timely and important lead piece on “Capitalism’s Comeuppance” in his AM Newsletter on December 30,... Read More
Presented in chronological order, here are the top stories from 2018:   #1) Reuters: U.S. appeals court voids Obama-era 'fiduciary rule' #2) Bloomberg: Why Mad Shareholders May No Longer Get a Day in... Read More
The creators of the credit score, Fair Isaac Co. (FICO), have unveiled a new way to determine your credit score, the result of which will a massive increase in bank loan activity, with loans going to applicants with a less-... Read More