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Paper by Simon Johnson and Peter Boone for Peterson Institute for International Economics
The Volcker Rule study by the Financial Stability Oversight Council required under the Dodd-Frank Act.
A Study by Deloitte on the how the Volcker Rule will affect bank's core operations.
HuffPost's Shahien Nasirirpour has his typical outstanding article today on the deal Bank of America and Feds are reportedly negotiating.  Most of the issues I already addressed in my previous post, but his article... Read More
There's lots of speculation about whether Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will resign now that the debt ceiling deal has been done.  He's rumored to want to go back to New York due to fatigue and his family... Read More
Another article today about a big bank trying to settle lots of lawsuits and investigations arising from their criminal and/or fraudulent conduct in connection with selling and/or packaging mortgages during the boom and... Read More
Hubris has no limits, as we all saw to devastating affect in the Fall of 2008 and as has been on display repeatedly since then by many of those who brought on the financial meltdown.  While many will think Jamie Dimon... Read More
Don't miss the Wall Street Journal article today: No Day In Court For Bank Clients.  It's about banks requiring customers to use arbitration to resolve any disputes. No doubt this will be added to the tiny... Read More
Andrew Sorkin at the New York Times has an interesting column today entitled "Revolving Door at S.E.C. Is Hurdle to Crisis Cleanup."  It's a good article describing how a current SEC lawyer formerly worked... Read More
The SEC updated it's projected schedule for upcoming rulemaking and it extends to the end of 2012 and beyond.  Check it out:  Implementing Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act -- Upcoming... Read More
We haven't talked a lot about Greece here because there is just so much material and it all changes so much almost every day that it requires a dedicated site of its own.  But, we have tried to include... Read More
For the first time in history, raising the debt ceiling to maintain the country's triple-A credit rating was used as political leverage.  The "deal" that was stuck will almost certainly usher in an age of... Read More
What’s the Rule? The Commodity Futures Trading Commission on July 26, 2011, published a final rule establishing a framework for derivatives clearing organizations (DCO) that it intends to clear a type of derivative.... Read More