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Martin Wolf has another great column in today's FT entitled "Struggling with a Great Contraction," where he sees so much about the US so much more clearly: "The authoritative National Bureau of Economic... Read More
The FT has a terrific editorial today on UK bank reform where it appropriately reminds people of facts that the banks and their apologists continually obscure, deny or ignore: "Lest it be forgotten, Britain still... Read More
An FT editorial today calls out banks' bogus arguments for delaying reform due to concern for lending and the economy:  "The real reason smaller businesses are not very creditworthy is because of the lacklustre... Read More
Today's Wall Street Journal has a terrific article on the FHFA, Fannie, Freddie and the state of housing in the US. This chart from the article says a great deal about who was originating mortgages when and the losses... Read More
CFTC Chief Economist Andrei Kirilenko convened a conference last Thursday and Friday in Washington, DC, to discuss commodity markets.  Here's the Agenda. The papers are supposed to be available on the CFTC website... Read More
More words have been created in the last three years to cover up the fraud at the core of the financial crisis and afterwards, but one of the most outrageous has to be "robo-signing."  "Robo-signing... Read More
Now here's something to think about: "The Fed's green-lighting of capital returns also ran counter to recent experience.  Many banks spent huge amounts buying back stock in the years before the [2008]... Read More
The FTC staff released what it called a "report" today that supposedly concludes that speculation isn't playing a very big role in crude/gas prices.  Presumably as planned, all the media reported it... Read More
The Wall Street Journal reports today that the Fed is asking Bank of America to provide it with options it would take in the event its condition deteriorated along with the economy.  That's the good news.  The... Read More
The primary reason banks, bankers and the broader financial industry haven't been held accountable for their egregious and likely illegal conduct in, before and after the 2008 financial crisis is because it was feared... Read More
That's the good news: the economy is "weak but not collapsing" according to a Bank of America analyst quoted in an aptly titled article "Hopes For Global Recovery Take a Hit." 
How bad were the jobs numbers announced yesterday?  As the Wall Street Journal blog remarked, "The 0 number of jobs added is a rare phenomenon. After revisions it has only happened once — in February 1945... Read More
James Stewart has a column in today's New York Times defending Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke from his critics.  He makes the entirely uncontroversial comment that "No one in government, including the quasi-... Read More
Almost 3 years after the financial crisis of 2008, a governmental agency has filed very serious lawsuits against 17 banks, including all the big ones. It's about time.   While it is rarely mentioned, many of the... Read More
Final rule
A column in today's Washington Post must be read by anyone who cares about dealing with the reality of our ongoing financial and economic crisis.  It's by Barry Ritholtz and entitled "Stop Throwing Money at... Read More
Steve Pearlstein has a terrific, must read column in today's Washington Post brilliantly entitled "Too Big to Prevail."  If you care about financial stability and preventing more needless taxpayer bailouts... Read More
The financial crisis is not over.  The financial system is still weak.  Taxpayers are still footing the bill for the last crisis and will be doing so likely for decades.  If we ever really got to see the real... Read More
There is no finer cartoonist in America and maybe the world!   View the cartoon here
Final rule