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"Banks Increase Holdings in Derivatives," blared the headline.  Hard to believe that this is happening just 3 years after the financial meltdown, as the article also noted:  "The derivatives industry... Read More
People sometimes say that Washington DC is disconnected from America, but it would be hard to compete with the disconnect between Wall Street and the rest of the country.  A Bloomberg headline really says it all:... Read More
600 words isn't much, but no one does more with them than Paul Krugman.  In 2 columns, he has concisely and devastatingly ripped the curtain that the superrich and powerful and their allies and protectors hide... Read More
If you wonder how really bad the economy is, today's New York Times has a front page article about 2 recent studies that really lay it out.  Entitled "Recession Officially Over, US Incomes Keep Falling,"... Read More
A truly compelling argument for something you don't believe in often brings out the best and worse in people.  The best  in the sense that they marshal their talents to mount a vigorous attack.  The worse... Read More
More than 25 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed or who have gotten so discouraged from looking for work fruitlessly for so long that they have given up.   That's not the 9.1% unemployment rate everyone... Read More
The headlines are blaring 103,000 net new jobs created last month, but that is just wrong because 45,000 were Verizon strikers returning to work.  Those are not "new" jobs and it's misleading and wrong to... Read More
"The U.S. economy appears to be coming apart at the seams. Unemployment remains at nearly ten percent, the highest level in almost 30 years; foreclosures have forced millions of Americans out of their homes; and real... Read More
"Confronting the Malefactors" is a must read in today's New York Times thanks to Paul Krugman, who asks "what can we say about the [Occupy Wall Street] protests? First things first: The protesters’... Read More
A Volcker Rule draft was leaked to the American Banker and the Wall Street Journal has an very good article entitled "The Multibullion-Dollar Leak" on what's in that draft and even has a link to... Read More
"Long-term joblessness is one of the unfortunate legacies of the recession. Earlier this year, the Labor Department started tracking longer periods of unemployment. According to that data, there are now more than 2... Read More
Steve Jobs' death is getting all the attention today, but it shouldn't eclipse the loss of a true America hero who, at great personal risk, fought for our founding values and ideals:  Rev. Fred L.... Read More
Steve Jobs was 56 years old when he died yesterday.  While so much has been said about him, almost all laudatory and all well deserved, there are still a few observations that haven't been made.... Read More
There was another telling line in the Wall Street Journal story today on the Feds lawsuit against BONY Mellon for its alleged fraud in foreign exchange trading: "The U.S. attorney complaint cites a 2004 BNY Mellon... Read More
I've been saying for years, "if you want to get to the bottom of who was doing what and who knew what when, follow the money."  There is NOTHING more important than the bonus pool to bankers.  NOTHING... Read More
The American Banker obtained a "Confidential Staff Draft as of September 30, 2011" of the FDIC proposed Volcker Rule days before it is to be voted on by the FDIC.  Given how they obtained it before it was... Read More
The Wall Street Journal has a small article today entitled "German Banks Feel Strains," which includes the attached chart (about the same size as the article).   The concise, but powerful article is... Read More
Funny when "pain" is reported in news articles.  The Wall Street Journal has another article today about the European debt crisis and Greece.  The headline is "Europe Considers Wider Greek Write-... Read More
The Wall Street Journal has a front page story entitled "At S&P, a Crusader for Tougher Ratings."  It's about S&P's new chief credit officer who is reported to be very, very tough because... Read More
Better Markets staff on June 7, 2011, briefed three French government officials who are writing a report on the volatility of commodity prices. The three -  François Loos, deputy minister for Industry;... Read More