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(From left to right) Cormac Hollingsworth, an economic adviser to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown; Michael Masters; David Frenk; and  Andrew Pakes, a Labour Party politician, outside of Parliament. Betters Markets... Read More
A pathetic $95 MILLION fine to stop SEC investigations into more than $145 BILLION in Citigroup’s toxic CDO deals, most of which ended up worthless, helped cause the financial crisis and required the massive... Read More
"What Caused the Financial Crisis?  The Big Lie Goes Viral," is the simple, straightforward title for an outstanding must-read column in today's Washington Post by Barry Ritholtz (author of Bailout... Read More
Better Markets has gone to court to stop an indefensible settlement between the SEC and Citigroup that rewards securities fraud and shows crime pays.  Using inside information, Citigroup sold worthless toxic... Read More
"We should be ashamed," is an understatement by Charles M. Blow in his Op Ed today in the New York Times entitled "America's Exploding Pipe Dream."  Here are his key words:  "We sold... Read More
Foreclosure mills and their employees getting rich off the poor fortune of others is a routine bottom-feeding business, been around a long time.  Occasional stories about their heartless, indifferent and often brutal... Read More
John Parsons, a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, shows how it is easy to discern what exactly is a “proprietary trade” or not. Parsons digs into 10ks and annual reports to show... Read More
WHAT’S THE RULE? The Commodity Futures Trading Commission proposed rules spelling out guidelines for clearinghouses, which are third-parties that guarantee an underlying trade ensuring both parties put up adequate... Read More
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker spoke to the Group of 30 on Sept, 23, 2011, and spelled out the next steps to improving financial reform. His speech touched on improving auditor independence, making derivatives... Read More
"Bondholders Reap Much of Greece's Bailout Money," screamed the Washington Post headline as if it was news.  Yep, they got $52 billion of the $91 billion dollars from the initial bailout funds: "More... Read More
In a normal world, taxpayers bailing out banks from their reckless lending and outright gambling would be viewed by any reasonable person as a monstrous idea.  But, in the upside-down world created during the 2008... Read More
The European debt time-bomb, which is euphemistically referred to merely as a crisis, is difficult to understand, if not impenetrable, and therefore the threat it poses to the world's financial system and, yes, the US is... Read More
"The industry’s response to regulatory reform often sounds like a veiled threat – rein us in too much and we will stop lending and strangle the economy.  All that this attitude will accomplish is for... Read More
The European debt crisis continues to careen toward catastrophe, with French banks at the core of the crisis.  No surprise, but those very same banks lead the fight against regulations that would have required them to... Read More
A working paper by Duke Law School professor Kimberly Krawiec that breaks down the overwhelming Wall Street campaign to weaken Dodd-Frank, focusing specifically on rulemaking on the Volcker Rule. Link to the paper
“We are in the fragile aftermath of the Great Recession, where a return to normalcy seems like a mirage in the desert — the closer we get to it, the further it moves away,” said the State of Washington'... Read More
Chairman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma called the hearing to push four bills that would weaken safeguards in Dodd-Frank, noting that he believed regulators would fail in implementing various rules and wanted to put forth... Read More
The financial crisis turned the spotlight on the Federal Reserve and its lack of transparency, oversight and accountability. That was not surprising given that one of the best books on the Fed is called “The... Read More
Bank and creditor extortion and hostage-taking is the real price of not reforming the financial system, as is so clear from the European debt crisis and the ongoing efforts to prevent a debt default by Greece. ... Read More
"A man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun," as Don Henley memorably sang in the song "Gimme What You Got." The 2008 financial crisis that crashed the world's financial... Read More