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An article in the Financial Times this morning entitled “Financial Groups Hit by Flood of New Rules” (12/8/11) uncritically repeats industry claims while failing to note that those new rules were necessitated by... Read More
As he has regularly done in the past with other media outlets, President Obama artfully dodged a straightforward question about lack of criminal prosecutions from Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes ... Read More
We sent a letter to regulators on Friday urging them to proceed expeditiously with the Dodd Frank rulemaking and rejecting industry attempts to re-write history and the banks role in the financial crisis: ... Read More
Banks, their allies and hired guns are engaged in a spare-no-expense campaign to get regulators to back off of the proposed Volcker Rule, which is designed to end to some of the banks' riskiest ... Read More
  The Volcker Rule prohibits banks from proprietary trading, which is when they make big, leveraged, swing for the fences bets that juice their bonuses but sticks taxpayers with the bill if those bets don’t pay... Read More
Chairman Tim Johnson of South Dakota gaveled another Dodd-Frank oversight hearing by noting significant progress has been achieved but much more work on key parts of the regulatory process remains to be completed.... Read More
The hearing mostly focused over the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s handling of the collapse of MF Global and CFTC Chairman removing himself form the investigation because of his ties to former MF Global CEO Jon... Read More
Subcommittee Chairman Jack Reed, D-RI, called the hearing “critical” given the scrutiny the Securities and Exchange Commission has been under in recent years with the Bernie Madoff and Alan Stanford scandals.... Read More
Some of the biggest banks in the country are dunning widows and widowers to pay the debts of their recently departed spouses even thought there is no legal obligation to pay, reported the Wall Street Journal today... Read More
So many still like to deny the pervasive and ongoing costs of the 2008 financial meltdown even when unmistakable signs repeatedly become visible and put a lie to the baseless happy talk.  Yet another... Read More
Federal Court Judge Rakoff just rejected the SEC's proposed sweetheart settlement with Citigroup.  Finally, a Federal Court took a hard look at what the SEC was proposing... Read More
The Champaign corks are popping on Wall Street this morning as it was disclosed that Barney Frank, the former Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and co-author of the Dodd-Frank ... Read More
No one has been better than Bloomberg for relentlessly trying to ferret out the secret dealings of the Federal Reserve Board to prop up the banks during and after the 2008 Wall Street meltdown and the following financial... Read More
60 Minutes just did a story on out-of-work families living in cars and the 16 million children now living in poverty in the US.  As the Wall Street meltdown and the financial and economic crisis that it spawned... Read More
HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Better Markets   This year as we approach Thanksgiving, Let's think about how banks make livings, And as we dab at gravy stains, Take pause at all ill-gotten gains; For quite against... Read More
  Politico is reporting that a House-Senate conference committee is cutting the administration's $308 million budget request for the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) by one-third, to $205.3... Read More
Subcommittee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., held the hearing to examine whether new position limits issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission would have an effect on curbing speculation in commodity markets such as... Read More
These papers take a deeper dive into diagnosing the problems that led to the 2008 financial crisis and explore alternative approaches to understanding markets with the goal of preventing another crisis. Both were written in... Read More
The new book on Richard Holbrooke was reviewed in the Washington Post today, but it had as much to say about the President as it did Holbrooke.  Given the President's well-known prejudice against passion, including... Read More