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Everyone likes to dump on regulators and government employees.  It's a regrettable, but favorite pass time of too many people, especially those running for office and running against Washington. Maybe time-honored,... Read More
Joining a long list of industry allies, Senator Bob Corker today made yet another argument against the Volcker Rule, which bans proprietary trading by bank holding companies.  He claimed today that exempting Treasury... Read More
Big banks are terrible investments unless they are allowed to juice their returns with tons of leverage, as FT's Lex column nicely spelled out today when discussing JP Morgan's results announced... Read More
In a late Friday afternoon orchestrated leak (presumably to prevent too much scrutiny or laughter), The New York Times just reported (& CNBC and elsewhere are repeating) that the SEC to... Read More
Why are there no banking statesmen is a question I've asked before and is the unstated question underlying an editorial in The Financial Times today:  “Restoring Faith in the Banking System.”... Read More
"Financial amnesia disarms individuals, the market and the regulator.  It causes risk to be mispriced, bubbles to develop and crises to break," says the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) ... Read More
Sometimes a short headline says more than a million words, like a New York Times Editorial today:  "Wall Street Meets Reality, Regulations Aren't the Culprit, No Matter What the Banks... Read More
Financial reform is meant to protect our financial system, our economy, our taxpayers and our treasury, which is why Better Markets fights for financial reform. Financial reform, however, will regulate banks... Read More
"No one is above the law" is one of the core foundations for a functioning and sustainable democracy.  The US has been telling that to countries all over the world for ... Read More
Read the final rule here
A column in today's Financial Times did little more than repeat the banking industry's arguments against the Volcker Rule's ban on proprietary trading.  Nothing new was said in the column that hasn't... Read More
The New York Times has a long editorial in today’s edition entitled "The Middle Class Agenda" with the subtitle "President Obama Knows What Ails the Middle Class.... Read More
A crew from Arte TV, a French-German network, interviewed Better Markets president and CEO Dennis Kelleher on December 16, 2011, soliciting his views on a documentary it... Read More
60 Minutes tonight documented how foreclosures on underwater mortgages are destroying entire neighborhoods.  The banks don't even want to take possession of the houses, but they keep foreclosing... Read More
The UK government announced today that they were going to adopt and implement the recommendations of the Vickers Commission to force banks to separate their investment banking activities from their ... Read More
Last month, New York Federal District Judge Jed Rakoff rejected a sweetheart settlement that the SEC proposed with Citigroup, finding it deficient in many ways and calling the fine nothing more than "pocket change.... Read More
Matthew Yglesias, a writer for Slate, argues in this essay for the journal Democracy that progressives should be more aggressive in calling for changes at the Federal Reserve, such as how its... Read More
British Prime Minister Cameron vetoed proposed EU Treaty changes that all 26 other member of the EU voted for.  The changes were part of an agreement aimed at addressing issues at the core... Read More