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In what is likely to be his last public speech as the head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Chairman Martin Gruenberg in a speech delivered at an event at the Brookings Institution “Financial regulation... Read More
As anyone with passing familiarity of Better Markets knows, we have had our disagreements with Larry Summers.  While he is indisputably intelligent and thought provoking, we have also found him to be dead wrong on a... Read More
In a significant and troubling step that will increase the already broad power that Congress has under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to invalidate agency rules, the GAO announced last week its determination that “... Read More
            A recent piece in The New York Times entitled “Why Democrats Need Wall Street” offers what can, at best, be described as a misguided view on Wall Street.  At... Read More
On Monday, September 25, 2107, outgoing CFTC Commissioner Sharon Bowen delivered a farewell address at the Institute of International Economic Law.  During her three-year tenure at the CFTC, Commissioner Bowen was an... Read More
One would have thought that between Wells Fargo trying to force customers who had bogus accounts opened in their name into arbitration and Equifax doing the same to consumers who just want to see if their private, personal... Read More
When writing the laws governing our securities markets, Congress determined that the commission of certain illegal, fraudulent, or criminal acts should trigger not only fines, restitution orders, and injunctions, but also... Read More
In one of the most important challenges to the Dodd Frank financial reform law ever brought before the courts, MetLife is desperately attempting to avoid rules that protect our financial system and taxpayers from the threat... Read More
Most people think of Better Markets solely as a Wall Street watchdog, but it is also a government watchdog, as illustrated in our 2012 court challenge against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Citigroup when... Read More
Too often in Washington when the heat is on an agency for something the public is focused it creates a committee rather than doing anything real or meaningful about the problem.  The result is the appearance of action... Read More
Victory is sweet, but very irritating to the losers, especially if they are Wall Street’s lawyers, lobbyists and allies.  After losing every battle for the last couple of years, industry opponents of the... Read More
With Wall Street’s biggest firms -- and Goldman Sachs in particular -- setting the agenda, it is no surprise that the Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB) is in the cross-hairs of the Trump Administration and... Read More
As his eight year-long service to the country as a Governor on the Federal Reserve Board ends, Dan Tarullo gave a very important speech at Princeton University, offering a compelling and nuanced  defense of critically... Read More
Recent and upcoming events have once again placed the Consumer Financial Protection (CPFB) in the cross-hairs of the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress.  Sadly, this should come as no surprise, because as... Read More
It’s rare that a question during a Congressional hearing leaves an entire panel of witnesses silent. But, that is exactly what happened when Representative Jim Himes’ (D-CT) questioned the panel of five... Read More
Senators who attended the March 28th Senate Banking Committee Hearing on Fostering Economic Growth: The Role of Financial Companies, were fortunate that Professor William Spriggs, an economist from Howard and the AFL-CIO,... Read More
The Department of Labor’s “clients’ best interest” fiduciary duty rule is on the frontlines in the battle over the Trump administration’s mindless de-regulation agenda.  While first... Read More
The assault on the Dodd-Frank Act continues today with another hearing held by the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Credit, looking at “The State of Bank Lending in America.”... Read More
With a title like “The Arbitrary and Inconsistent Non-Bank SIFI Designation Process,” one can be reasonably sure that the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation hearing today will... Read More
In December 2016, Better Markets president and CEO, Dennis Kelleher, detailed in an American Banker Op Ed “How Wells Fargo Proves It's Not a Wall Street Villain.”  We communicated these recommendations... Read More