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Why People Hate Politicians

The New York Times has a page one article entitled "White House Debates Fight on Economy."  The entire debate is about what the right political choice is.  There is no discussion about what the RIGHT thing to do is. 

That's what drives people crazy and why they hate politicians.  

The article correctly identifies the problem: "The ailing economy, barely growing at the same pace as the population .... Twenty-five million Americans could not find full-time jobs last month. Millions of families cannot afford to live in their homes...."

This is a catastrophe and crisis as big as any we've faced in a very long time, probably since the Great Depression, thanks to the Wall Street meltdown, the financial collapse and the economic contraction.  The US faces the possibility of a lost generation with tens of millions unemployed or under-employed for maybe 2-5-8-10 years.  

Yes, voters are angry and many think the best way to help the economy is to eliminate the deficit, but they are just wrong.  The worst thing to do right now would be to cut spending because there is so little of it.  That's why there's so little growth.  No growth means no jobs and the vicious spiral down will continue.  

Here's a crazy idea:  Figure out what the right thing to do is, what will really help make the lives of Americans better, and then fight for it and don't stop.  If you do the right thing, get the policy right, then maybe, just maybe, the politics will fall into place. 

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