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Wall Street Brazenly Looking for More Bailouts

The Wall Street Journal has a rich article about Wall Street's demand for serial bailouts from Washington, which really means from taxpayers.  It's entitled "Wall Street Hopes Again for Bailout, But Washington Isn't Likely to Act."  

The money quote: "Markets have become addicted to government aid over the past decade, and a growing number on Wall Street are hoping again for a bailout from the Federal Reserve, Congress or both."

With unemployment at stubborn, historic highs, with the officeholders they elected insisting on austerity and budget cuts for everyone else, and after giving themselves unconscionably high bonuses while economic misery spread across the land, Wall Street still continues to look for handouts while bashing Washington and financial reform.  "Brazen" doesn't come close to describing this.

Wall Street likes to claim they don't' get bailouts because, they claim, anything that benefits them benefits Main Street.  But, Main Street is suffering from coast to coast as are tens of millions of Americans.  Wall Street, until last week, has been doing extremely well and back to their favorite activity: stuffing their pockets full of money, which hasn't helped Main Street one bit.

More bailouts for Wall Street?  We already did that and did it more than once and remarkably a fair number of the bailout programs for Wall Street continue to this day - all with no strings attached. 

Well, we've seen where that got the country.  Let's now try a bailout for Main Street. 

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