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Wall Street Bailout Costs

The Wall Street bailouts cost taxpayers and our country dearly.  Anyone thinking that the Wall Street bailouts made money has to look at the full range of programs put into place by the Fed, the Treasury, the FDIC and all the other agencies and departments enlisted to stop the collapse of our financial system and our economy.  There has been no profit and there will be no profit.  In fact, many of those programs and costs continue to this day (and that doesn't even include all the social costs of the ongoing unemployment crisis, the home foreclosure crisis, the state, local and federal government funding crisis, among others).

Here is a comprehensive collection of those actions starting in 2007 put together by the staff at the New York Federal Reserve Bank.  They created two timelines, one of domestic actions and one of international actions.  Add up these actions and programs and you won't find a profit, but you will have a pretty good idea of the breadth, scope and costs of the bailouts.

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