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The SEC recently approved two rules friendly to corporations and Wall Street. Better Markets’ Lev Bagramian gives an insider’s perspective of the changes and their possible negative implications for Main Street... Read More
Better Markets has updated its Voter Guide to the 2020 Election that scores President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on their positions on key economic, financial and financial reform issues.   The economy... Read More
Better Markets Senior Securities Policy Advisor Lev Bagramian was part of the Senate team that crafted the legislation creating the SEC's successful whistleblower program, which has returned billions to defrauded... Read More
The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with investors and Better Markets, which filed an amicus brief in support of a reversal of a lower court’s decision in Interactive Brokers LLC v. Saroop.   The... Read More
Better Markets joined several other prominent public interest groups seeking information about the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s proposed capital framework for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.   Better Markets... Read More
Better Markets has joined nearly 25 other public interest groups in urging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to reinstate easily accessible public access to its consumer complaint database. The CFPB... Read More
Better Markets’ Dennis Kelleher says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau continued its transformation into the Financial Predator Protection Bureau this month with a proposed rule that would unleash predators on... Read More
Better Markets has filed a comment letter urging the Department of Labor to withdraw a recently proposed rule that would allow financial advisers to continue siphoning away hard-earned savings from Americans’... Read More
Better Markets was one of 17 prominent organizations that united to urge the Federal Reserve to not weaken the rules preventing private equity firms from getting public funds through the Main Street Lending Programs.... Read More
Better Markets expressed concern about a possible weakening of the leverage ratio requirements applicable to Wall Street’s largest, most dangerous banks.   Earlier this month, Better Markets... Read More
Better Markets was pleased to see that the Malaysian settlement included not only substantial fines but also a mandate that Goldman Sachs cover the cost of recovering assets sitting abroad, a term that we have long advocated... Read More
Better Markets joined several other public interest groups to urge the Department of Labor to extend the comment period on a rule that would take away protections for retirees.  In a statement on the DOL’s... Read More
Stephen Hall, Legal Director and Securities Specialist for Better Markets, participated in a panel discussion on cost-benefit analysis Wednesday, July 29, during a CFPB virtual symposium.  Hall was joined by panelists... Read More
Better Markets announced a partnership with Omidyar Network as part of its ‘Reimagining Capitalism’ program.  Dennis Kelleher says Better Markets and Omidyar Network are working together to create a... Read More
On June 26, 2020, investor protection advocates were disappointed to see the decision of the Second Circuit rejecting a well-founded legal challenge to the SEC’s weak and misleading rule that will do little to protect... Read More
Better Markets says the recent Supreme Court decision in the Seila Law v. CFPB case is simply another anti-consumer, pro-predator and pro-corporate decision that reduces the independence of the Consumer Financial Protection... Read More
Better Markets released a White Paper this month that details how the Dodd-Frank Act and other banking reforms over the last 10 years have, at least so far, prevented a crash of the banking system similar to the one... Read More
From the beginning, Wall Street's biggest banks have tried to use the pandemic as a pretext for dangerous deregulation, as we pointed out here, but they just won't stop. They are trying again to reduce their capital... Read More
Last year, Better Markets called on the CFTC to end an unfair anti-competitive and anti-market practice in the derivatives markets known as “post-trade name give-up.” In late June, the CFTC proposed to... Read More
In a party-line vote, the SEC approved a rule that will suppress the voices of independent proxy advisory firms that tens of millions of investors depend on. Better Markets says the rule will weaken an important check... Read More


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