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That's Rich

"In shocking news, it was reported today that Wall Street bankers have a dim view of the people protesting Wall Street.  Who could believe that?  Even more shocking, those very same bankers will only express their dim views in private because they fear those very same protesters.  

An article in the New York Times today asked "an open question is: Do the bankers get it?"  Well, there will be no  extra credit for getting the answer to that question right.

It quoted anonymously 'one longtime money manager" saying, among other things, "he was disappointed that members of Congress from New York ... had not come out swinging for an industry that donates heavily to their campaigns. 'They need to understand who their constituency is,' he said.'"

Now, that's rich.  

Note to the longtime money manager:  seeking to buy politicians through campaign contributions does not make you anyone's "constituency." 


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