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Justice for All

People across the world were heartened on April 20th to see justice done when the jury handed down a guilty verdict in the George Floyd murder trial. In a statement, Better Markets’ Dennis Kelleher noted that if justice for all is to mean anything in America, the George Floyd verdict “must be just the beginning.”

“Justice for all and equal justice under law are the foundational principles of the United States but they have been repeatedly and systemically denied to people of color. And while the guilty verdict in this trial is a welcome deviation from that historic pattern, its outlier status highlights the deep, pervasive and ongoing structural racism that we all must confront throughout our society.” 

Dennis noted that the U.S.’s financial and economic systems are at the core of creating and perpetuating that unfair treatment, inequality and injustice. “Jobs, homes, income, capital and wealth are key to fully participating in American life and achieving the American Dream,” he said. “That economic power also enables political, social and cultural power.” 

Bottom Line: Better Markets will continue to fight for a financial system that supports the real productive economy, jobs and growth for all Americans, where everyone has equal and fair access to credit, capital, financial and banking services. We will not rest until our financial system serves everyone in our society, enabling economic security, opportunity and prosperity for all. 

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