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Inside Look at SEC’s Whistleblower Program

Better Markets Senior Securities Policy Advisor Lev Bagramian was part of the Senate team that crafted the legislation creating the SEC's successful whistleblower program, which has returned billions to defrauded investors; now he says that program is under threat.
In a recent Q&A blog post, Bagramian discusses the SEC Whistleblower Protection and Rewards Program, one of the most successful programs established by the Dodd-Frank Act. He provides insights regarding the development of the program and its ability to protect investors. He also talks about proposed changes by the SEC that would discourage whistleblowers from reporting illegal activity.
“The SEC should not be creating disincentives for whistleblowers because it will result in more investors being ripped off and more crooks getting away with their illegal conduct,” Bagramian says. Read more in this blog post.

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