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Hillary Clinton's War on Wall Street

By Dennis Kelleher

"Throughout the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has been dogged by complaints that she is too close to Wall Street, from her six-figure speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and others to, most recently, her selection of Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate. This created an opening for Bernie Sanders during the primary and continues to be a challenge for Clinton as she tries to unite the party. 

"The issue will draw further attention this week at the Democratic National Convention. Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will likely talk powerfully about income inequality and financial regulation in their speeches tonight. Sanders’ delegates are even considering protesting Kaine during his speech.

"As a leading voice for reforming Wall Street and protecting hardworking Americans from another devastating financial crash, Better Markets has a deep interest in making sure the next president will aggressively regulate the financial firms that threaten our country. We believe it is critical that the next president builds on the Obama administration’s regulatory efforts and ensures that another financial catastrophe does not happen.

"So, are Clinton’s critics right?

"No, they’re wrong..."

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