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Banks denying customers legal rights

Don't miss the Wall Street Journal article today: No Day In Court For Bank Clients.  It's about banks requiring customers to use arbitration to resolve any disputes. No doubt this will be added to the tiny, unreadable fine print. 

While businesses claim that arbitration is less costly and quicker than litigation, it's also true that individuals have a very hard time winning in arbitration and, more importantly, have to bring any claim individually.  Those customers could file a lawsuit in court and could join with others harmed by the same bank or business.  This is called a class action, which is the most sensible thing to do if each individual has a relatively small claim, particularly one that wouldn't justify the expense of bringing an individual arbitration.  Yes, some have abused class actions and that should be stopped and fixed, but does that justify banks slamming the courthouse door on their customers? 

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