“Dennis is one of the most plugged in and important names here in Washington as the founder and leader of the investor advocacy group Better Markets. His views can not only drive fear into the heart of Wall Street, but they are also driving the conversation on Capitol Hill, especially on the most pressing topics concerning market abuse, risk and the integrity of the financial system.”
- Chris Brummer, Host of Fintech Beat Podcast
“Better Markets churns out obsessively detailed rule-making submissions to regulators (pointing out gaps in drafts of the clawback rules, for example). A flow of white papers and bulletins for policymakers and the press can be counted on to rebut the Wall Street line with credible collections of facts and arguments putting the banks’ claims in context.”
- Tailspin, Author Steven Brill
"Now it is up to [Better Markets] to carry on the fight!"
- Paul Volcker, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve
"It's David versus Goliath, but at least David's there."
- Former Senator Byron Dorgan
"Financial reform warrior."
- Bloomberg TV host Betty Liu