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Criticism of AIG paying bonuses to its employees after being bailed out by US taxpayers is as bad as murdering thousands of African Americans by hanging during the reign of terror know as Jim Crow. That's... Read More
How and when will historic and extraordinary central bank policies be reversed? Or will they be reversed at all? Better Markets Senior Fellow Robert Jenkins says that one could be forgiven for betting that “too little... Read More
A Voice in the Room and a Seat at the Table By Robert Jenkins Speech to the CFA’s Society Leadership Conference Washington, D.C., September 20, 2013 Madame Chairman, Mr. Chief Executive, Fellow Governors, Society... Read More
On the same day the public comment period ended for the money market rule, the Capital Markets Subcommittee conducted a hearing on proposed regulation dealing with the financial stability of the money market industry.... Read More
Financial regulators like the CFTC and SEC are all that stands between Wall Street’s reckless conduct and Main Street’s pockets. They are the cops on the Wall Street beat. Regrettably, in the 10 years... Read More
  Better Markets and GW Law School C-LEAF hosted an event about the financial crisis, where we are five years later and whether the U.S. is better prepared for the next financial crisis, featuring keynote remarks by... Read More
Five Years Later, the Damage from the Financial Collapse and Economic Crisis Continues to Crush American Families and Threaten our Economy On the fifth anniversary of Lehman Brothers declaring bankruptcy, Americans families... Read More
Seems like every day now there's another story about Wall Street's financiers and their paid mouthpieces complaining about the latest investigation into or fine for their wrongdoing and law-breaking.  JP Morgan... Read More
In an op-ed in today’s New York Times, Stanford University professor Anat Admati, co-author of The Bankers’ New Clothes with Martin Hellwig, argues that nearly five years after the fall of Lehman Brothers,... Read More
September 12, 2013 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Location:  The George Washington University Betts Theatre       Marvin Center 800 21st Street, NW Washington, DC 20052... Read More
CNBC and others are reporting that not only is Goldman Sachs still engaged in massive levels of proprietary trading, but that some of that trading appears to be little more than computerized front-running designed to cream... Read More
The case of JPMorgan’s London Whale reached a new milestone when U.S. prosecutors brought charges on August 14 against two former JPMorgan traders implicated in the massive cover up of a $6 billion loss in derivatives... Read More
Bankers’ New Clothes Author on Whether We Wasted a Financial Crisis In a New York Times Sunday Magazine article, NPR’s “Planet Money” co-founder Adam Davidson talked to Anat Admati, finance professor... Read More
CFTC Chairman Gensler and SEC Chair White were the only witnesses invited by the Banking Committee to recap theri agency's progress in the final stages of Dodd/Frank implementation. Chairman Gensler reported that the... Read More
This hearing, the third in a series of CFTC reauthorization hearings, focused on the views of the derivative end-users. Chairman Conaway set the hearing's tone in his opening remarks by saying that the CFTC continues to... Read More
This hearing was the second in a series of hearings the Committee has planned to prepare for legislation to reauthorization of the CFTC. The specific topic of this hearing was the views ofa majority and a minority member of... Read More
The FT reports today that the SEC is "elated after claiming Tourre's scalp."  Indeed, the way they are acting, you would think the SEC convicted the Al Capone of Wall Street, rather than merely ... Read More
Chairman Brown described the new economic world that has followed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. Combined with the conversions of investment bank to bank holding companies in 2008, Wall Street firms have... Read More
We don't generally comment on possible/prospective/rumored candidates for government positions (trial balloons or not), but the possibility of Larry Summers being the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board raises... Read More
Chairwoman Stabinow introduced this hearing a part of a series of Agriculture Committee hearings on the subject of the reauthorization of the CFTC. This hearing featured market participants and was intended to continue the... Read More