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Budget woes are creating major challenges for the CFTC as it struggles to adequately regulate Wall Street on a Congressionally-mandated shoestring budget. The CFTC oversees the $650 trillion swaps and futures markets with a... Read More
It is very difficult in 2013 to remember what it was like 5 years ago when the 4th largest investment bank, Lehman Brothers, failed and filed for what is still the largest bankruptcy in US history.   It... Read More
JPMorgan Chase has reached a settlement of $13 billion with the Department of Justice over JPMorgan’s sale of troubled mortgage investments. The New York Times details the negotiations that led to this agreement here... Read More
Fact Sheet on the Jamie Dimon/JP Morgan Chase Settlement with the Department of Justice   The reporting on the possible JP Morgan Chase settlement with the Department of Justice has focused on the seemingly very... Read More
JP Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon is not being picked on; he’s not being targeted; and, he’s not being blamed for the conduct of others.  He is reaping what he himself sowed and he should be prosecuted... Read More
It’s been common for a long time now, but it is still shocking at how many media outlets and journalists, including the very best, still never make the connection between the Fed/Fed policy and the financial crash of... Read More
"Money, Power & Wall Street," the can’t-miss PBS Frontline documentary on the inside story of the financial crisis, has won an Emmy for “Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting – Long Form... Read More
Despite the broad nature of the hearing title, the focus of the meeting concerned a contentious provision in a rule proposed by the CFTC last November, in part, to address problems created by the mismanagement of the... Read More
July 10, 2013 was Christmas Day for felons and a dark day for investors. That’s when the SEC adopted a new rule allowing previously convicted felons and other bad actors to continue selling unregistered securities to... Read More
Criticism of AIG paying bonuses to its employees after being bailed out by US taxpayers is as bad as murdering thousands of African Americans by hanging during the reign of terror know as Jim Crow. That's... Read More
How and when will historic and extraordinary central bank policies be reversed? Or will they be reversed at all? Better Markets Senior Fellow Robert Jenkins says that one could be forgiven for betting that “too little... Read More
A Voice in the Room and a Seat at the Table By Robert Jenkins Speech to the CFA’s Society Leadership Conference Washington, D.C., September 20, 2013 Madame Chairman, Mr. Chief Executive, Fellow Governors, Society... Read More
On the same day the public comment period ended for the money market rule, the Capital Markets Subcommittee conducted a hearing on proposed regulation dealing with the financial stability of the money market industry.... Read More
Financial regulators like the CFTC and SEC are all that stands between Wall Street’s reckless conduct and Main Street’s pockets. They are the cops on the Wall Street beat. Regrettably, in the 10 years... Read More
  Better Markets and GW Law School C-LEAF hosted an event about the financial crisis, where we are five years later and whether the U.S. is better prepared for the next financial crisis, featuring keynote remarks by... Read More
Five Years Later, the Damage from the Financial Collapse and Economic Crisis Continues to Crush American Families and Threaten our Economy On the fifth anniversary of Lehman Brothers declaring bankruptcy, Americans families... Read More
Seems like every day now there's another story about Wall Street's financiers and their paid mouthpieces complaining about the latest investigation into or fine for their wrongdoing and law-breaking.  JP Morgan... Read More