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  Every person and business in American buys and needs commodities like oil and wheat. Commodity prices are supposed to be set by supply and demand, but Wall Street speculators at the biggest banks also trade... Read More
  On February 10, Better Markets filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in DC challenging the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) unilateral, historic and unprecedented $13 billion settlement with JP Morgan Chase. It is the... Read More
    Fact Sheet:  Better Markets Files Lawsuit Challenging the Record-Setting $13 Billion Settlement Agreement Between the Department of Justice and JP Morgan Chase   Overview... Read More
  With Banco Santander’s appointment of former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair as an independent director, the Spanish bank is getting a tough-as-nails former regulator who will be willing to tell the bank’s... Read More
  The New York Times has a terrific article today about new rules that will close a loophole that foreign banks have exploited to avoid complying with new U.S. rules to make large banks safer and bailouts less... Read More
In 2012, Better Markets published the first report on the cost of the financial crisis to the U.S. The report calculated the costs from lost jobs, homes and retirement savings, to the massive costs of bailing out the banks,... Read More
As we approach February 14th, you can hear a lot about lust in the news today, but few think of “bloodlust” and even fewer would think the following statement by Better Markets President and CEO Dennis... Read More
Only in the warped, distorted, Alice-in-Wonderland world  of Wall Street would one think “Washington went to war against big Wall Street banks” or that “Washington won [the war] in a blowout,” as... Read More
  Once again, Wall Street lobbyists have crippled the CFTC’s efforts and harmed the SEC’s ability to police Wall Street and protect Main Street. The budget bill approved by the House Monday night... Read More
More than five years after Bernard Madoff’s shocking arrest exposed his decades-long Ponzi scheme, the largest in US history costing investors almost $20 billion, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New... Read More
  “Citigroup has served as the poster child for the elusive promises and manifold pitfalls of universal banking. When Citicorp merged with Travelers to form Citigroup in 1998, Citigroup’s leaders and... Read More
While most of us spent the past two weeks gathering with family and friends, financial reform news barely slowed down to acknowledge the holidays. From Wall Street’s latest attack on the Volcker Rule, to the Department... Read More
There's already been a lot of discussion and purported analysis of the Volcker Rule since it was finalized on Tuesday and there's assuredly lots more to come.  Unfortunately, much of it isn't based on the... Read More
Five years ago today, the largest Ponzi scheme in history was revealed.  As the New York Times recently reported, Bernie Madoff’s massive, decades-long fraudulent scheme was “breathtaking” in... Read More
  The Department of Justice (DOJ) settled innumerable, undisclosed claims and cases related to the worst financial crash since 1929 with JP Morgan Chase for the unprecedented amount of $13 billion. Equally... Read More
President Obama recently nominated senior Treasury official Timothy Massad to replace Gary Gensler as chairman of the CFTC. Better Markets issued a press statement on this nomination, read it here. Read Better... Read More
Most have heard by now about JP Morgan Chase's laughable twitter campaign blow up over the hashtag #AskJPM.  Even JP Morgan Chase has tried to laugh it off with a spokesperson saying "#Badidea! Back... Read More
Based on a study by the Office of Financial Research of the asset management industry, the Financial Stability Oversight Council will study whether BlackRock and Fidelity pose risks to the financial system. The OFR study... Read More
  On November 6, 2013, Better Markets sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, urging the Department of Justice to require comprehensive public disclosure of the details of JP Morgan Chase’s... Read More